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Gulkana River Fishing Charters (Blue Water)


"Gulkana" is the Athabaskan word for meandering or winding river. True to its form the river winds about three miles on average for every mile on the highway. So a 1 mile stretch of highway will be about 3 to 4 miles of river travel.

The head waters of the Gulkana river emanates from Copper Lake deep in the Wrangell Mountain range. The Gulkana travels over 200 miles to where it meets with the Copper River near the juncture of the Richardson Highway and Tok Cut-Off. There it continues its travel to the Gulf of Alaska at Cordova.

The famous Copper River Chinook (Kings) and Sockeye (Red) salmon enter the system from the Gulf of Alaska at Cordova and begin their long journey to their spawning grounds all along the many tributaries. Two of the most prolific rivers where they travel are the Gulkana and Klutina Rivers in the Copper Valley. Therefore, during much of the summer these rivers are teaming with literally thousands of salmon awaiting your arrival.

Many aficionados consider the Copper River Salmon to be among the most sought after species in the world for their bright taste, strong fighting instinct and pure joy of catching these fighting wonders. Along the way, we sometimes see wildlife that includes a myriad of waterfowl raising their hatchlings, American Bald Eagles raising their young, resident Ravens playing in the trees, Otter, Beaver, Red Fox and, on occasion, a Moose, Brown and Black Bear may show up. These sightings are just an added addendum to your daily Alaska experience.

We begin fishing for the Kings in early June and continue on this river to the end of the season on July 19. Additionally, if the Reds are present in adequate numbers we are prepared to find a few of them along the way.


Limits and Regulations

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game with the Alaska Fish Board set all the rules and regulations for fishing the waters of the state. A full description of these rules, regulations and an explanation about Emergency Orders can be found on their web site at:


A brief explanation of these rules for the rivers we are fishing are as follows:


Chinook Salmon: Sports fishermen may catcha and release all day and keep one per day up to four per season.

Sockeye Salmon: Sports fishermen may catch and release all day and keep up to three per day with no limit per season.

Emergency Orders

In order to control the take and provide for an escapement that will insure the species will survive from year to year the ADF&G may, at their discretion, announce Emergency Orders that will vary the rules they feel necessary. These EO’s will, at times, decrease the limits to be taken and in some years will increase the numbers if the run is sufficiently strong that such action will not be an hindrance to the future of the population. Traditionally the EO has called for a reduction in Chinook but in recent years the EO allowed for the limit to be increased to 6 per day with no limit per season. This will vary from year to year.


Full Day Charters

What we do

Our Gulkana River charters operate daily and generally depart our property about 7:00 am returning about 3:00 pm. These times are flexible based on the season’s run, the needs of the client and the number of anglers in competition on the river.

Of course, because this is a comprehensive program we include everything you will need to make your fishing experience the best available. We provide your professional guide, all your equipment including boots, a PFD, tackle, ancillary gear and processing of your catch. And, for your nourishment we include in every charter a healthy lunch, snacks, and beverages.

We also have an excellent program to ship your fish to your home upon arrival via FedEx.

What you do:

You only need to bring clothes for the weather (rain gear is recommended), polarized glasses if you have them and a positive “Let’s go Fishing!’ attitude. We fish rain or sun so be ready for all kinds of weather. Note: Of course, you probably know that fishing can be challenging. Some days we will wear you out catching fish all day and some days they can be elusive. We don’t have and power over where, when or how many there will be nor do we guarantee everyone will catch their limit. We do guarantee that we will do all we can to put you on the river in a safe, happy place in this beautiful wonderland along the Gulkana River.